Taurochs (offspring of Aurochs) barely existed for a single generation (between 1620-1680), but during this time, there is a wonderful legend of one of the best property deals ever made. Richard “Bull” Smith successfully dominated one of these gigantic beasts of burden and in the process claimed more than 200 kilometers of New York territory. Today, this chunk of land would be worth billions of US Dollars.

In Robert Gaston’s 1939 mural, Richard Smith rides his bull around a giant area to set borders for Smithtown. Photo Credit: Robert Gaston

As the somewhat embellished story goes, the Indians made a pact with Richard (Bull) Smith, an English settler that he could keep whatever land he circled in a single day, while riding atop a wild Tauroch bull. The astute Smith waited for the longest day of the year, circa 1665, to undertake the trek. It is said that he trotted out one of the bull’s favourite cows a few days before to trace the route so that her scent would quicken the pace. Essentially the land that he claimed is now what is known as Smithtown, Long Island, New York (an area of more than 200 km² then).

The bull has come to be known as a symbol of power and of growth, it is also recognised as a symbol of rising markets.  Regardless of whether the legend is absolutely true, as we are bullish about the opportunities that property offers, we thought it fitting to name our company after the legendary animal that helped put together one of the largest property deals in history.

Community Schemes currently make up nearly close to 9% of the South African residential market, and this is one of the fastest growing area of home ownership. TAUROCHS offer numerous essential property services to community schemes, residential and commercial clients, ranging from education, management and maintenance, delivered through individually branded franchise systems and company-owned operations.