Taurochs will invest in brands that are first in mind and close to the hearts of property managers and managing agents, particularly those involved in community schemes in South Africa.

All maintenance starts with the correct planning and ends with the correct execution.

With effect from 14th of February 2018, TAUROCHS now own 100% of SUPERSEAL Marketing and Management (Pty) Ltd, which inturn owns 49% of Superseal Waterproofing and Painting (Pty) Ltd.

SUPERSEAL’s vision is to be the Waterproofing and Painting brand that always delivers on its’ promises, and that is trusted and relevant in the lives and close to the hearts & minds of all of our clients.

After experiencing numerous badly executed redecoration projects & failed waterproofing jobs, the founder of TAUROCHS saw a gap in the market for an ethical painting and  waterproofing contractor, offering superior service and honouring their promises.  SUPERSEAL was always going to be a company that would contribute to the real growth of the economy by creating employment, which is why we put together a BBBEE Trust to empower our employees and allow them to share in the real profits on the company.